Friday, February 12, 2010

Discount! HP Pavilion DV6-2150US 15.6-Inch Laptop (Black)

HP Pavilion DV6-2150US 15.6-Inch Laptop (Black)

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Product Description
For those who want an all-in-one performance notebook with rich multimedia features, the HP Pavilion dv6 Entertainment series delivers excellent mobile performance that looks as great as it runs. Powered by the latest processor and graphics technologies, it delivers the features you need to support your digital lifestyle.

  • Intel Core i3-330M Processor (2.13 GHz, 3 MB L3 Cache)
  • 4GB DDR3 System Memory (2 DIMM) (expandable to 8 GB)
  • 320GB (7200RPM) Hard Drive (SATA), LightScribe SuperMulti 8X DVD±R/RW with Double Layer Support
  • Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, * Up to 4.25 Hours of Battery Life
  • 15.6" Diagonal High-Definition LED HP BrightView Display (1366x768), Intel HD Graphics with up to 1696MB Total Available Graphics Memory

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great value and performance
Awesome product and very good value for the price. Nice and lightweight. Screen is terrific for watching movies or playing games. Keyboard and mouse pad take a little getting used to at first but are the best I've ever used. This computer is lightning fast! Windows 7 Home Premium with HP software tools keep everything running with ease of use. I own and heave owned several computers and this is by far the best. Will make the need for a desktop obsolete. Has all features that I could ever possibly want and need in the future.

My only complaint is that the black finish and chrome mousepad show fingerprints and smudges more that I would like. But the mocha finish is sooo appealing that I would rather live with keep rubbing off the smudges.

Excellent Choice
Been shopping for a new computer for over a year now as I could no longer put up with my slow-as-molasses 2003 Gateway. Shoulda' tossed it long ago, except I'm on a budget. I saw this HP Pavilion DV6 1250us at a huge (nearly 20%!!) discount at one of the chain office supply stores so I jumped on it. I'm completely knocked-out by how fast this thing is - runs like its hair's on fire! I timed it at 1 min 20 seconds to completely start-up, connect to wi-fi and be ready to go. My 20GB+ library of iTunes opens in about 5 seconds flat.

My favorite features are; the jaw-dropping sharp, bright, vivid display, next generation faster memory (4GB DDR3), faster than usual 7200rpm hard drive (320GB), and the excellent integrated graphics card (with 1.6 GB memory!!) for watching smoooth on-line video (hulu etc.). I find Windows 7 to be not so different from XP. It has wireless N - glad I thought ahead when I replaced my router a year ago. Lots of USB ports (3 + 1 combo actually), and a little remote control that stores in the expansion slot, though I'm not sure how useful that will be... Battery life was good (2-1/2 hrs without economizing, after running it down to 5% & recharging it a few times to break it in).

Did some research and found that this brand new i3 processor (released Jan 10, 2010) operates similar to a quad-core, so it's not too easily bogged down. Now the Norton Security Suite that I get free from my cable company runs in the background and I don't even know it's there. My old computer would sputter and fuss for 20 minutes or so just getting an update.

So far, it runs like a champ with anti-virus going, burning a dvd, multiple tabs in Firefox open, and torrent down & uploads going all at once. Also easily handles Word documents with lots of artwork, which used to be a problem for me. Took me awhile to connect to my home wi-fi because I didn't realize you first have to turn on the wireless via a touch-switch above the keyboard. Set-up wizard and on-screen prompts did not make that clear, but I figured it out before long. Wasn't crazy about the case design but it's not so bad... looks like rings left by a glass on a wood table. HP even includes a little polishing cloth to keep it shiny - a nice touch.

Overall, I'm thrilled with it. Cost half of what I payed for my Gateway in 2003 and I feel like I finally have a REAL computer that I'm confident will be current for at least a few years. I highly recommend you pick one up if you have the means!

DV6 - 2170US: Wish I had something good to say!
Just my luck to get the computer (DV6-2170US) that has problems right out of the box. A brand new computer and customer service had me flash the BIOS the first day! The second day the monitor stopped working altogether. Customer service confirmed it was a backlighting hardware issue, not a software issue and, therefore; I was encouraged to send it in for repair. Repair on a brand new machine??? I returned it instead. Back the my review: In the few hours in which I was able to use this notebook computer, I was able to rip some music faster than on my previous HP laptop (DV5000) or HP desktop. And, unlike the DV5000 or desktop, it was a clean rip. Would have kept the DV6 if it wasn't broken. I agree wholeheartedly with the person who stated that the keyboard seems to be a little off...but, in my opinion, it is because of the addition of the numeric keypad to the right of the alpha/numeric keys. May take some getting used to positioning your fingers on the home row. Seemed like a nice computer though. Altogether, I have been an HP customer from way back when. It saddened me that no one from HP cared to offer me a replacement computer or a discount to keep me as a customer. This is the third HP computer I have had problems with and as the saying goes, three strikes and they are OUT! If you purchase the DV6, I wish you better luck than I had. Choose wisely. Oh, and regarding HP's customer service, one thing I noticed, when you order from HP you will get someone in the United States, after that point, you will be dealing with someone overseas. Yes, they speak English, but...

Overall A Very Good Value
HP 2150us - Pros - Super fast processor. Simple things like opening the contral panel to access add/remove programs only takes a second or two. All the programs appear immediately. I had to wait on my last computer for the programs to load. Everything moves very fast. Attractive gloss black that surprisingly doesn't pick up fingerprints and smudges as fast as I feared. When they do appear, they rub off easily.

Cons- the keyboard - don't know exactly what's different but after 2 weeks of heavy daily use, I'm still not adjusted to it. It feels like it's layout is one key too far to the left causing your fingers to land on the wrong keys. It is much different from the HP I replaced. Also the sound is very weak. It is hard to hear unless the volume is pushed up much farther on the scale than I am used to doing.

I moved from XP to Windows 7 and am still flubbing around trying to find everything but the computer itself is a great product and a very good buy.

DV6-2190US - Great, if you're looking for lots of speed
This DV6-2190us model is a desktop replacement.

Pros: The i7 processor is very fast, has 8 threads of execution (4 hyper-threaded cores) and the turbo boost kicks in when needed. It boots quickly, and runs applications quickly. I was able to install software and still use the machine without noticing any slowdown. It has a dedicated onboard graphics processor, with 1GB of dedicated graphics memory for gamers, I presume (I do not have any games to test it with).


1. The fan runs continuously unless you turn it off in the BIOS. If you turn it off, it cycles, which is even more annoying. It cycles even when the laptop is idling (using very little cpu time). I did not notice the fan noise until I worked with it in my quiet office.

2. The keyboard layout takes learning. The pgup/dn are in the far upper right. The arrow keys and keypad keys are smaller than the QWERTY keys.

3. The power adapter has 120 watts output, and is huge and heavy.


1. touchpad has a lot of friction, but if you use your fingertips, it glides pretty well.

2. The battery life wasn't too bad, but I wasn't pushing the CPU or graphics.

I exchanged it after a week for the HP DV4-2170us model, which is cheaper and more portable.

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